Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tom Roberts - Shearing the Rams

Tom Roberts (1856-1931) - Shearing the Rams (1888)
Australia $4 Stamp Issued 1974
Painting Held at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Tom Roberts is one of the influential group of the Heidelberg School of art, where a distinct style of Australian art was developed at a time when Australia itself was also asserting it's own identity.  This was a time when ideas were being developed on the creation of the nation of Australia - and this eventually took place in 1901, some 12 years after this painting was completed.  Tom Roberts was selected as the official painter for this grand occasion - the creation of the Australian state in 1901.

Roberts paintings depict typical Australian country scenes from the time when he lived.  The sheep and wool industry was one of the greatest drivers of development of the Australian inland, and the industry continues to this day, although it is a lot less important.

Other Tom Roberts paintings that have been used on stamps: 

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