Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charles Conder - A Holiday at Mentone

Charles Conder (1868-1909) - A Holiday at Mentone (1888)
Australia $5 stamp issued 1984
Art Gallery of South Australia
This high value $5 stamp was issued in 1984, shortly after this painting was purchased by the Art Gallery of South Australia in 1981. It depicts a romanticised Australian summer beach scene on the outskirts of Melbourne in the late 1800s, clearly demonstrating Australians’ love of the beach that has continued until today.

Born in England in 1868 before moving to Australia, Conder was only 20 years old then this painting was completed, having a close working relationship with Tom Roberts in Melbourne as part of the Heidelberg school of artists. He later went on to work in London and Paris before passing away at the young age of 41.  He now has a suburb in Canberra named after him.

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