Saturday, February 27, 2010

Russell Drysdale - The Walls of China

Russell Drysdale - the Walls of China (1945)
Australia 30c Stamp Issued 1985
Art Gallery of NSW Sydney

This stamp was issued as part of a joined pair for Australia Day 1985, the other half being the Sidney Nolan painting “Musgrave Ranges”.

The Walls of China was completed in 1945 and it depicts an arid landscape scene from the Lake Mungo area in NSW - at this time, Australia was in the midst of a serious drought.  This painting was promptly purchased by the Art Gallery of NSW but there was some minor controversy over the stark portrayal of a drought affected landscape.

Russell Drysdale was born in England in 1912 and he emigrated to Australia in 1923.  His was known for his depiction of the Australian landscape as being inhospitable, red and threatening.  He died in Sydney in 1981.

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