Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frederick McCubbin - On the Wallaby Track

Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917) - On the Wallaby Track (1896)
Australia $2 Stamp Issued 1981
Held at the Art Gallery of NSW Sydney

Frederick McCubbin painted at a time when Australia was forming it's own identity in the lead up to Federation. He worked with other impressionist painters, including Tom Roberts on the outskirts of Melbourne, which is where he completed many landscape paintings. He captured the loneliness of the pioneering life in a series of paintings including Lost, On the Wallaby Track, Down on His Luck and The Pioneer. His paintings also captured the harsh Australian landscape in a romantic manner.

The painting was used as the basis for a 1980s TV ad for Kit Kat chocolates, in addition to being depicted in this stamp. 

Some of McCubbin's other works that have been depicted on stamps include Petit Dejeuner -1889

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