Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pavel Fedatov - Difficult Bride

P. A. Fedatov - Difficult Bride (1847) ( трудно невесты)
Russia USSR 4k Stamp issued 1976
Painting Held at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Fedatov (1815-1852) had an interesting but relatively short life, as he was originally trained in the army before quitting in 1844 and pursuing a relatively short career as an artist.  Russian art was flourishing at the time of this painting under Tsar Nicholas I.  However, towards the end of his career, the artist was a target of persecution of the government, as the Tsar tightened his grip on the people of Russia following revolutions throughout most of Europe in 1848.  He eventually died in a mental clinic in 1852.

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