Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celia Rosser - Golden Wattle

Celia Rosser - Golden Wattle (1989)
Australia 41c Stamp issued 1990
The golden wattle is a common sight throughout many regions of Australia, particularly when it is flowering along the roadsides and railways of New South Wales and Victoria.  Although wattles are also found in Africa and parts of North America, in 1891 there was a push to adopt a flower as a national emblem, even before Australia became a federation in 1901.  In 1988 Acacia pyncantha was finally adopted as the national flower.

Celia Rosser is a well known botanical artist, particularly known for her studies of banksias.  She has a gallery in Victoria. This stamp is one of many botanical illustrations that are traditionally depicted on Australian stamps, given the uniqueness of Australian flora.

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