Monday, March 15, 2010

Russell Drysdale - Back Verandah

Russell Drysdale (1912-1981) - Back Verandah (1942)
Australia 45c Stamp issued 1995
Painting Held at the Queensland Art Gallery Brisbane

Drysdale was known for capturing certain aspects of the Australian landscape, including it's harshness and desolation.  Many of his paintings are etched into the Australian psyche.

This painting depicts the simple but relatively harsh way of life for a rural family in south western New South Wales.  Although there is a brief time for rest, there is always plenty of work to do.   The painting was completed in 1942, at a time when Drysdale's work was becoming increasingly sinister and slightly menacing to some viewers - Australia's involvement in WWII was also becoming more serious at this time.

This is the first of four modern art stamps that were issued  by Australia Post for Australia Day in 1995.   The whole set will be added to this blog progressively. 

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