Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eugene Lansere - Building the Metro

Eugene Lansere (1875-1946)  - Building the Metro (1935) 
(now a mosiac in Metro station in Moscow, Komsomolskaya 1935)
Russia Stamp issued in 1975

This Russian painting is quite unusual in that the art work adorns the wall of a subway station in Moscow's Metro subway system in the form of a mosiac tile display.  The Moscow Metro is incredibly ornate as it was designed to last for a long time - the leaders of Moscow must have decided to spend up big on this once in a lifetime construction project.

According to Wikipedia, the Moscow Metro is the busiest subway system in the world, except for Tokyo.  The painting in this stamp is typical of much of the socialist realism art that exists on many stations throughout the system.   It also dates back almost as far as the London Underground, as the Moscow Metro began operation in 1935.

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