Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kaburagi Kiyokata - Leaf

Kaburagi Kiyokata 鏑木清方  (1873-1972) - "Leaf" 
Japanese Stamp Issued 1980
Modern Art Series

Kaburagi lived a colourful and long life during a period of huge social and political change in Japan.  This painting was commissioned in 1940 at the height of his artistic career, as was a member of the Art Committee for the Imperial Household in Tokyo.  

He is credited with being part of the revival of the 'bijinga' style of painting and printing in Japan during the 20th Century.   This genre calls for the classic depiction of Japanese women in classical style, often wearing a kimono.

His former house has been converted into a really quaint little museum in true Japanese style.

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